Will PS5 and Xbox Scarlett Push Digital? Gamestop Is Not Afraid for Its Future

The CEO of Take-Two Talks About PS5, Xbox Scarlett and Google Stadia

The American chain GameStop is not going through a good period from the economic point of view and according to some rumors, the group is preparing to close over 200 stores in the United States. However, the CEO of the group looks with good confidence in the near future.

During the last shareholder meeting, George Sherman said he ” expected PS5 and Xbox Scarlett to enjoy a mix of physical and digital games, just like they do now. Even in the next generation, retail and exclusively digital games will be released and our plans are to have control of part of both these segments. “

The CEO of GameStop Corporation continues: ” Obviously most of our business is linked to retail games, these still represent a significant market. Historically we have always been more present in the physical than in the digital but on the other hand it is a choice due to specific customer requests. “

The financial manager Jim Bell was also positive, seeing the backward compatibility as a real possibility to continue to generate profits with the current generation games: ” PS5 and Xbox Scarlett will have an optical reader and the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One games will work regularly, this means that we could sell the current games profitably for many more years. “