A Plague Tale Innocence: Demo Now Available with the First Chapter

A Plague Tale Innocence: Guide, Strategies and Useful Tips to Get Started

Focus Home Interactive and Asobo Studio published today the trial version of A Plague Tale Innocence which allows access to the first chapter of the adventure at no cost, playable for free on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Follow the dark story of young Amicia and her little brother Hugo in a tormented journey into the darkest era ever. Fleeing from the Inquisition, surrounded by unstoppable hordes of rats, Amicia and Hugo will learn to know each other and trust each other. Struggling against all odds for their lives, they will fight to find a purpose in this brutal and ruthless world. 1349. The plague is devastating the kingdom of France. The Inquisition chases two brothers through the villages infested with a lethal disease. Amicia and little Hugo, during their journey, will have to join forces with those of other boys to escape the waves of rats, using only fire and light as the only means of protection. United by a terrible fate, they will have to face indescribable horrors and survive at all costs.

The A Plague Tale Innocence demo can be downloaded from Steam, PlayStation Store and Xbox Store, throughout the weekend (until September 16th) the game is on sale at a discounted price on the Valve marketplace and on the Sony store as part of a series of balances on the Focus Home Interactive titles.