Antoine Griezmann Has Integrated into Barcelona Thanks to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe!

Mario Kart 8

A new background appears on the network on one of the most talked-about transfers of the recent transfer market, which saw world champion Antoine Griezmann move from Atletico Madrid, a team to which he had sworn eternal loyalty, to Barcelona.

Difficult to believe, but even players with millionaire salaries may have difficulty integrating into a new dressing room. The Frenchman, who in the early days could not make friends with the other Blaugrana players, nevertheless found an exceptional ally: a plumber with a passion for four wheels. We are obviously talking about Mario!

It seems that during the pre-season tour in Japan, Ousmane Dembele encouraged Antoine Griezmann to buy a Nintendo Switch with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe so that he could join the rest of the gang during their frequent challenges with shells and banana peels. Guess … it worked! Dembele, Gerard Pique, Sergi Roberto, Carles Aleña and our Griezmann have become drift makes, and have since established a very strong bond. It seems that the undisputed champion is Aleña: nobody seems able to beat him, not even Dembele, who became famous for his sleepless nights spent playing videogames.

That this inordinate passion for gaming has anything to do with the lackluster start of the Barcelona championship? Who knows! This is certainly not the place to discuss it, but we are happy that video games continue to represent one of the most effective methods of aggregation between people. Griezmann, by the way, is a long-time gamer: think that he even celebrated with a Fortnite emote during the 2018 World Cup final!