Apex Legends: Hacking Underway on Some PCs, Crypto Is Coming?

Apex Legends

The second season of Apex Legends is now running out and, according to what is stated in the timer of the Season Pass screen, there are about 19 days to the arrival of Season 3. A first indication of the changes coming could be represented by the strange message appeared on numerous screens around the map.

On the panels in question, a loading bar has appeared which, hour after hour, continues to fill up and should reach its peak during the competition scheduled for next weekend, the Apex Legends Preseason Invitational. Being in all probability that someone is trying to break into the Arena security system, there is little doubt that the attacker is Crypto. According to many enthusiasts, the mysterious hacker accompanied by a drone should have some kind of connection with Wraith and it is therefore not to be excluded that the developers have decided to start this event in play right during the Spectrum Vacuo event.

Crypto has begun hacking something in King’s Canyon, the bar is currently at 28% from apexlegends