Borderlands 3: Also the PS4 Version Affected by Framerate Problems

The Borderlands Series Has Sold over 43 Million Copies

Until a few hours ago there was not much news about the console version of Borderlands 3, since the PC protagonist was the absolute protagonist at fairs and events. A few hours after the debut of the looter shooter on PlayStation 4, however, it seems that this version is plagued by some technical problem.

There are really many users who complain about problems related to the fluidity of the game both on PlayStation 4 Standard / Slim and on PS4 Pro. Although the mid-gen console allows players to choose between resolution and framerate, it seems that this second option almost never reaches 60 frames per second and causes a significant drop in graphics quality as well as pixels. Definitely worse is the situation of the “Resolution” mode, whose framerate makes the experience not enjoyable according to many.

To make it even more annoying is the slowness of the game menus, whose shots prevent you from easily navigating between map, inventory, skill tree and character customization. In short, the situation is not the best, especially if we consider the problems of the PC version of Borderlands 3.

We remind you that the photo mode of Borderlands 3 will arrive on Xbox One and PS4 with a few weeks of delay compared to the PC version, on which it is already possible to enable it. Finally, on our pages, you will find some Borderlands 3 VIP Codes that will help you redeem numerous exclusive rewards on the official website.