Borderlands 3: Digital Version Available from Tonight, Photo Mode on the Way

Borderlands 3

A few hours after the launch of Borderlands 3, Gearbox has revealed that the arrival of some features of the highly anticipated looter shooter will arrive with a slight delay on the console version.

It appears that the photo mode and Twitch extension support will not be available for launch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, while PC users will be able to take advantage of both from today. It seems however that the wait is not particularly long and both the photo mode and the possibility of obtaining extra loot watching a live on Twitch will be enabled with the update coming one month after the launch and nicknamed “Day 30 patch”.

We also remind you that anyone who has booked their digital copy on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One can start playing from midnight, which is just over an hour. PC users will have to wait an extra hour and can, therefore, play from one o’clock this night.

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