Borderlands 3: Reported Bugs and Technical Problems on PC

Borderlands 3 Gameplay

It seems that the launch of Borderlands 3 on PC has not been completely painless: in the night hundreds of players poured on Reddit and ResetERA to report bugs and technical problems of a certain importance, which prevent them from enjoying the new Gearbox game to the fullest.

The performance problems seem to be many, in particular, we talk about an annoying pop-up/pop-in effect in many areas of the game, problems with volumetric fog and the interpenetration of polygons of characters and buildings, as well as textures,  loaded late. Do not miss those who complain about slowdowns, glaring declines in framerates, problems with audio, with the correct recognition of controllers and even crashes at startup, with game stuck on the home screen or return to the desktop in the worst case.

Some players have reported having partially solved their problems by simply closing the Epic Games Store Launcher and restarting the application and the game. In many other cases, however, problems persist and the only hope seems to be that of one (or more) resolving patch.

At the moment Gearbox Software has not intervened in the matter and has not communicated the arrival of any fixes in the short term, in the face of the numerous reports, however, important updates could arrive in this regard in the coming hours.