Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Beta Guide and Tricks to Win

Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Until September 23, PS4, Xbox One, and PC users will be able to engage in the Call of Duty Modern Warfare multiplayer Beta. In this mini-guide, we will provide you with tips and strategies to play your best and increase your chances of winning on the battlefield.

Below is a series of useful tips and strategies for winning in the Call of Duty Modern Warfare multiplayer Beta.

Prick up your ears

Listening to footsteps will help you identify nearby enemies. Keep your ears open all the time, so you can understand in advance if an opponent is in the neighborhood, above you, or if he is going to take you from behind. To maximize the effectiveness of the audio we recommend playing with a good pair of headphones, so as to perceive more clearly every useful sound.

Your footsteps will also be issued by your allies. How to distinguish them from those of enemies? Simple: consulting the radar. If you hear someone walking or running in your surroundings and you see a blue dot on the radar, it means that it is a companion. If not, be prepared to draw your weapons.

Accessories for weapons

From level 15 onwards you will begin to unlock the most interesting accessories for weapons, such as optical sights, bayonets, and compensators that can improve the performance of your guns. Of course, handling a more powerful weapon will provide you with substantial advantages, helping you to get the better of a head-on collision.

In the first few games, therefore, we advise you to test all the weapons made available in the Beta, getting familiar with the maps and game mechanics. After that, focus on the guns with which you are better off and level them to unlock the accessories that improve accuracy, versatility, and effectiveness.

Which weapons to use

The weapons in the Beta are all interesting, but if you want to focus on the best, we recommend giving priority to the M-13 assault rifle, the MP7 submachine gun, and the FAMAS standard class.

The M-13 stands out for its remarkable DPS, which is the ability to inflict a great deal of damage in a reduced window of time, all with fairly manageable recoil. Ideal for most firefights.

On the other hand, the MP7 offers an enviable fire stability and a good range, presenting itself as the best submachine gun present in the Call of Duty Modern Warfare Beta. Perfect for fighting in tight spaces and for rapid raids in goal matches.

Finally, the standard class of the FAMAS offers a very powerful firearm in a great variety of crashes, both in terms of power and precision and reliability. As soon as possible, we suggest you focus on this weapon in order to level it and make it even more effective.

Climb often

Although it is not possible to run on walls in Modern Warfare, the maps are rich in surfaces and ledges on which it is possible to climb. In general, climbing has been made even more fluid and immediate, encouraging players to use it to take advantage of every square centimeter of the map.

Climbing you can find very favorable shooting lines and hide from your opponents to take them by surprise. So when you explore a new map, always pay attention to all the ledges on which you can climb.

Play with caution

Modern Warfare matches have a slower pace than the previous chapters of the series. For this reason, the unscrupulous approaches are less effective than usual. Do not expose yourself too much to your opponents, but opt ​​for a more cautious and reasoned style of play. In most cases, catching opponents by surprise remains one of the most successful strategies.

If you love to play on the front lines, dancing between kills, we recommend using short-range weapons like the MP7 sub-machine gun and shotguns. Always remember to keep your eyes open, consult the radar and prick up your ears to hear the sounds of enemy footsteps, so as to detect them in advance. Firing before the opponent will always give you a great tactical advantage.

Take aim

It is not news that in Call of Duty it is important to take aim with the left trigger (or the right mouse button). The optics and the metal sight of the weapon will allow you to hit the targets with much more accurate precision. On the contrary, point-blank shooting will most often result in certain death, since your shots will almost always be empty.

Firing at point-blank, however, can prove to be a winning strategy on some occasions. For example when you use an assault rifle or a shotgun and your opponent is very close, enough to hit him with almost absolute certainty. If you want to increase your accuracy when shooting point-blank, remember to equip the laser sight.

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