Close to the Sun: Arrives on PS4, Xbox One and Switch in October

Close To The Sun

Launched last May on PC exclusively on Epic Games Store, Close to the Sun, the horror adventure curated by Storm in a Teacup Italian boys, is preparing to make its debut on consoles.

Close to the Sun will be available in digital and physical format on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch starting October 29, 2019, as confirmed by Wired Productions. On the publisher’s official marketplace you can proceed with the purchase of a limited edition Collector’s Edition dedicated to the title, in which you will find an art book, the soundtrack, an additional copy in digital format to be activated on Epic Games Store and much more.

Already authors of NERO: Nothing Ever Remains Obscure, the Roman boys of Storm in a Teacup have given life to a new dark adventure set in a parallel reality, in which Nikola Tesla has become one of the most important figures of his time. Set on a floating complex, which has become a connecting point for many luminaries from around the world, Close to the Sun puts you in the shoes of Rose, a journalist who is mysteriously summoned by her sister. The situation will begin to crack when the ship we were invited to end up suffering from a devastating storm …

Close to the Sun is now available on PC and will arrive on October 29 on PS4, Xbox One, and Switch.