Even Microsoft Intervenes in the Diatribe on the Name of the X or Croce Keys of the PS4 Controller!


On the occasion of the American National Video Games Day, the curators of the official Xbox social media channels wanted to have their say on the “real name” of the PS4 controller keys and the main consoles, a diatribe born of a message published in recent days by the PlayStation Twitter profile managers.

Last September 6th, in fact, the PlayStation social team asked its fans an important question: “Triangle, Circle, Cross, and Square. If the Cross was X (and it isn’t), then what would you call the Circle button?”.

In response to this message, the community was literally unleashed between memes and exchanges with the editors of the official PlayStation UK profile who held the bench for several days. The boys of the Xbox Twitter channel decide to lend themselves to the game and use the hashtag #NationalVideoGamesDay to wish all the videogames fans and to declare, always in a playful way, that “no matter what you call it, but if there is something that unites us all is the X button “ .

To accompany this wish addressed to the friends and “colleagues” of the social channels of PlayStation and Nintendo we find a splendid image that contains the controllers of all the home consoles currently on the market, in addition to a keyboard representing the PC gaming fans in the tremendous rise.