Fortnite Estate Succosa: How to Perform Eliminations with Explosive Weapons

Fortnite Weapon

Starting yesterday the new missions are available free Summer Juicy of Fortnite Season 10. The first of these requires elimination with explosive weapons: we explain how to complete it in the simplest way possible.

The “Juicy Summer” missions are available for all Fortnite Season 10 players, even for those who do not have the Battle Pass of Season 10. The first of these missions require the elimination of an opponent with the help of explosive weapons: let’s see how to do.

How to complete the mission Eliminations with explosive weapons

The mission in question requires the elimination of an opponent with an explosive weapon. First of all, of course, you’ll have to get hold of one of these weapons, like a rocket launcher or a grenade launcher. Where can you find them?

Explosive weapons can be found inside the crates and in supply deliveries. To find them more easily we advise you to play in Team Rumble mode, where you will have more chances to find these weapons. Once you have come into possession of a grenade launcher or rocket launcher, you just need to use it to eliminate an enemy, so as to complete the mission.

We remind you that Spirit Team Missions are also currently available.