Fortnite Team Spirit: Revive a Companion with the Restart Vans

Fortnite Reboot Van

One of the missions prestigious Team Spirit of Fortnite Season 10 needs to revive an ally using the Boot-vans. In this mini-guide, we will tell you everything you need to know to easily complete this mission.

Introduced with the Fortnite patch 8.30, the Restart Vans allow you to revive your teammates, bringing them to life after they have fallen on the battlefield. One of the “Spirito di Squadra” prestige missions requires you to bring an ally back to life: let’s see how.

Revive a teammate with the Restart Vans

Once they are killed, teammates release a card that remains on the ground for 90 seconds. This card must be collected within the time limit, in order to take it to one of the Restart Vans and bring the teammate back to life.

After collecting the card, you will have to take it to a Restart Van and interact with it for 10 seconds. When a player is brought back to life, he returns to the battlefield with a common pistol, 36 ammunition, and 100 wooden units.

Where are the Restart Vans located? You will find at least one of them in every place indicated on the map, so you can just look around to easily locate them. All you have to do to complete the mission, therefore, is to collect a teammate’s card that has fallen by the end of time, head for a re-start van and interact with it until the ally is brought back to life.

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