Gears 5: The Coalition Unveils the Program of the Next 6 Months of DLC

Gears 5

If you think that after the launch of Gears 5 the development team was going to take a break, you’re off track. The Coalition in fact, despite the long gestation of the highly anticipated Microsoft exclusive, is already at work as well as on the resolution of the bugs, even on the next extra contents.

So much so that the software house has also released a map relating to the upcoming DLCs, revealing what players can expect on Gears 5 over the next six months. The extra content will be broadcast in stages and will be called ” Operations “, each of which will last about three months precisely, to then give way to the next one.

The first is currently underway, which includes 4 characters with unique abilities, over 200 personalization elements, weekly events and more. The second Operation will begin instead in December, and among the anticipated contents there are:

  • New Versus mode
  • New Maps, Escape Hives, Map Builder Tiles (level editor)
  • New characters with special abilities
  • Weekly events
  • Over 200 further customizations

In short, there is so much meat on the table for a truly rich banquet, not to mention that after the first two Operations there could also be many more. Gears 5 is the most played game on Xbox One right now and has even managed to break Fortnite from the top of this special list.