GWENT: The Witcher Card Game Comes to iOS! Here Is the Presentation Video

Witcher Card Game

After offering a bike ride to Hideo Kojima among the TGS Cyberpunk 2077 stands, the CD Projekt RED guys confirm the arrival of GWENT on iOS. The version for Apple mobile systems of the popular card game set in the fantasy dimension of The Witcher is presented on video.

Those interested in the title can already book it by pre-registering on the AppStore, in order to receive every update regarding GWENT before the arrival of the game on iOS systems starting from October 29th.

The mobile transposition of GWENT: The Witcher Card Game will bring with it several innovations and features that will certainly delight the most expert users and beginners: by combining the features of the PC version, the authors of CD Projekt will redesign the controls for the touch interface and make it possible in a unified handle the in-game purchases and progress through the GOG account.

In this way, assure the Polish developers, it will be possible to easily change the platform and continue their adventure without any difference between the PC and iOS versions, including the innovations introduced by the expansions like the recent Novigrad. On top-performing Apple devices, GWENT will also boast 4K textures. The devices supported at launch include iPhone 6S and later versions (including the brand new iPhone 11), iPad Mini 4 and newer tablets, fifth-generation iPads or newer, iPad Pro and iPad Air 2 devices and later.