Nintendo Announces Ring Fit Adventure, a New Experience for Switch


A new type of adventure game will hit Nintendo Switch on October 18th. Ring Fit Adventure uses two new fun accessories that transform physical exercises into powerful moves. In Ring Fit Adventure, players explore a vast fantasy world full of enemies to be dealt with by squat, abdominal and much more.

The Ring-Con and the leg band, the two new accessories included in the game’s packaging, detect and measure the movements of the players in the real world and turn them into actions in the game world. For example, running on the spot it is possible to advance the character while compressing the Ring-Con you launch attacks. In this way, by playing daily, users can train various parts of the body. Thanks also to minigames and additional training programs, Ring Fit Adventure is a fun and suitable experience for everyone.

” It is in the DNA of Nintendo to continue to imagine new ways to entertain players and bring smiles to their faces, and Ring Fit Adventure for Nintendo Switch is a new type of game that combines fitness and adventure, ” said Stephan Bole, the president of Nintendo of Europe. ” I hope that once the Ring-Con is challenged and the band is fastened to the leg, the players will dive into a thrilling journey that will motivate them to train day after day. 

In Ring Fit Adventure players must perform various types of exercises to overcome challenges suitable for all types of players, regardless of their level of form. To play, users enter the Joy-Con controllers of their Nintendo Switch console into the accessories included with the game: one in the Ring-Con and one in the leg band. The latter is secured to the leg, while the Ring-Con is held with both hands. The Ring-Con is a flexible electronic device that provides resistance and is equipped with a sensor that measures the applied force and reacts to changes. Ring Fit Adventure can be customized according to the skill level of the player, so even those who do not have a fitness experience can adjust the intensity of the exercises to find the level most suitable for themselves and continue to enjoy themselves day after day.

The Adventure mode of Ring Fit Adventure is set in a colorful fantasy world, where action blends with fitness. To move around in the game, made up of more than 20 worlds, players can run on the spot, while to perform other types of actions, such as jumping, floating in the air or rowing, they use the Ring-Con accessory. To progress in the adventure it will be necessary to defeat the enemies using more than 40 fitness techniques, exercises divided into the categories arms, abdominals, legs and yoga. The game tells users the posture to keep in the exercises and rewards their correct execution by increasing the damage inflicted by the attacks. Whenever they take action in the game, users get experience points for their character. Once enough experience is accumulated, the character levels up, becoming stronger and learning new fitness techniques. Adventure mode is designed to allow players to progress naturally, motivating them to train regularly to even level up their physical fitness in the real world.

Outside the main adventure, Quick Match mode is a great way to have fun with Ring Fit Adventure in shorter sessions, allowing you to enter and exit the game at any time. In this way, more people can try various quick workouts: for example, friends and relatives can take turns to see who can get the highest score in mini-games. Mini-games include a wide range of activities, such as destroying boxes with gusts of wind created with the Ring-Con or making ceramic objects with squats.

Other modes, such as Exercises and Series, offer even more training options. “Exercises” allows players to individually select and perform certain types of physical activities. High scores are recorded, thus stimulating those who play to try to beat his record. “Serie” offers connected sequences of exercises of various types, which revolve around a theme or a specific part of the body. This mode is ideal for those who want to train a particular group of muscles, such as those of the legs, shoulders, back or torso. The game also includes a ” silent mode” For those who live on the upper floors of a building or don’t want to make too much noise. Activating it, the race is replaced by slightly quieter exercises, which allow players to keep their legs active without producing large impacts on the floor.

Ring Fit Adventure is a new type of adventure game coming to Nintendo Switch, which uses two new accessories to detect and measure the player’s movements in the real world to play them in the game. Ring Fit Adventure will be available from October 18th, in a pack that includes the game and the two accessories, the Ring-Con and the leg band.