Nintendo Drags ROMUniverse to Court and Asks for Millionaire Compensation

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Nintendo continues its battle against piracy and ROM sites and after bringing the owners of LoveROMS and LoveRETRO to court asking for compensation of twelve million dollars, now ending up in the sights of the Kyoto house is ROMUniverse, another rather popular site for downloading games.

According to reports, ROMUniverse has made available a vast archive of games for Nintendo platforms and the company accuses the portal of ” having favored the download of about 300,000 Nintendo Switch games and over 500,000 games for 3DS. “

Nintendo has requested the closure of the ROMUniverse site, accusing the owners of ” proposing counterfeit copies of Nintendo games without any official license ” and asking for a millionaire compensation of $150,000 for each infraction found and a good two million dollars for each individual trademark infringement registered by Nintendo Corporation or affiliated companies.

In recent years, ROMUniverse has proposed various forms of subscription to gain access to a larger catalog of ROMs and speed up downloads, earning hundreds of thousands of dollars from this activity. At the moment no further comment has been released by Nintendo or ROMUniverse, we will update you on the matter as soon as there will be substantial developments for its evolution.