Nioh 2: New Gameplay Video and Lots of Information from the Tgs 2019 Stage


Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja showed Nioh 2 gameplay sessions on the Tokyo Games Show 2019 stage. The producers commented on the live video, revealing much information about the second chapter of the game.

Among the many features highlighted in the video provided by Gematsu stands the cooperative mode: it will be possible to play online with up to 3 players and there will also be an asynchronous multiplayer system. Also, players who have a first Nioh bailout will receive a bonus (which will be revealed later).

Koei Tecmo also specified that he will soon reveal whether William, the protagonist of the first chapter, will appear in Nioh 2. This detail bodes well for the character’s return to the new game.

4Gamer interviewed Fumihiko Yasuda, the producer of Nioh 2, revealing further details. The creation of the character seen in the TGS 2019 trailer is a limited version of the editor: the final build will allow you to adjust many parameters including the position of the eyes, chin, and nose, in addition to defining the age and “level of femininity ”of the protagonist.

The difficulty level of Nioh 2 will not be dissimilar from the first episode but the skills of the main character will be expanded and enhanced. Furthermore, since the nature of action RPG has remained unchanged, it will be possible to accumulate EXP and increasingly powerful weapons.

Already new images of Nioh 2 were shown. The new chapter of the game will be launched at the beginning of 2020 exclusively on PlayStation 4. In the coming days, Nioh 2 will continue to show itself on the stage of the Japanese fair, we will keep you updated.