Nioh 2: You Can Import the Rescues of the First Chapter, There Will Also Be William


On the occasion of the Tokyo Game Show 2019, it was finally possible to discover a little more about Nioh 2, the second chapter of the popular action game with elements typical of soulslike by Team Ninja. In the last hours, numerous details on the gameplay and the characters we will meet during the adventure have been revealed.

It appears that many of the NPCs in the game have features inspired by real-life actors like Naoto Takenaka and Haru. Among the various characters, there also seems to be William, the protagonist of the first Nioh who will return in the form of a non-player character, even if the developers did not want to reveal if he will return to the role of ally or bad guy on duty.

As for the gameplay, the possibility will return for the Yokai to weaken the protagonist by generating small portals for the demonic world, within which it will be more difficult to regain strength and react to enemy blows. In addition to being able to upgrade weapons, the player will be allowed to increase the strength of the “soul energy” , an ability linked to the power of demons and probably also to transformations. About the Yokai form, the protagonist will be able to assume different demonic forms and not all of them will be based on brute force, since some of them will be perfect to escape enemy blows thanks to a significant increase in agility.

To enrich the combat system there is then a new system of parry that, if perfectly executed, will restore part of the energy of its digital alter ego. The level of difficulty should be similar to that seen in the first chapter despite the presence of transformations. Less experienced players can usually go for long grinding sessions to enhance the character and related equipment to make the experience less frustrating.

Finally, the developers talked about the presence of a system for importing the first Nioh rescues, even if no specific details were provided on the advantages dedicated to those who will take advantage of this feature.