Pokemon Sword and Shield, a Mysterious “Glitch” Pokemon Appeared: Pokemon Direct Coming?

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There seems to be something new insight for the 8th Generation of Pokemon: the official site of Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield has in fact been updated, and now includes a very peculiar page.

As you can, in fact, verify in the image that you find at the bottom of this news, the latter houses the description of a mysterious Pokemon, which is however impossible to view. The image of the creature is in fact “censored” by a sort of glitch! The same happens for the name of the Pokemon and part of its characteristics. From the card we can, however, learn some details: for example, it is reported that it is a Lotta type creature, equipped with the Cuordeciso ( Steadfast ) ability. The description is partially visible and shows the following: “Only that they have survived many battles can get this […]. When this Pokemon […] […. ers] retires from the fight “.

The mysterious” victim “glitch Pokemon also appears on the home page of the official Pokemon Sword and Shield website. the portal was eventually also reported from ‘ official Twitter account of Pokemon, the chirping that you find at the bottom! in short, a teaser least intriguing … that a new Pokemon Direct dedicated to Pokemon Sword and Shield is coming?

waiting to find out, we remind you that the latest Nintendo Direct has revealed new Pokémon of Eighth Generation and the mechanics of Pokémon camping in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.