Resident Evil Project Resistance: Users Bombard “I Don’t like” the Trailer

Project Resistance

On the occasion of the Tokyo Game Show 2019, it was finally revealed to the public the new title set in the universe of Resident Evil and titled Project Resistance, which is nothing but a third-person action in which players will face each other in multiplayer games 4 against 1.

However, it seems that the most ardent fans of the series have not appreciated the announcement of this spin-off and, since they expected perhaps a remake of the third chapter or the eighth episode, they have seen fit to express their disappointment by bombarding ” I don’t like ” Project Resistance gameplay movie released this morning. While we are writing this news, the dislike counter is around 5,400 against 3,500 positive opinions.

It is not to be excluded that this wave of negative thoughts about the game has nothing to do with the quality of what is shown and is only a way to rebel against the failure to announce a single-player title. In the meantime we remind you that you can sign up for the Project Resistance beta, coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, on the official website.

Unfortunately, the release date has not yet been announced and the only information available on the game concerns the reference platforms, namely PS4, Xbox One, and PC.