Resident Evil Project Resistance: We Know Samuel Jordan, One of the Survivors


During the night, at the Tokyo Game Show 2019, Capcom has finally officially unveiled Project Resistance, a Resident Evil series spin-off entirely focused on 4-on-1 multiplayer battles.

In this new episode, definitely new for the series of memberships, four players will play as many Survivors – boys with different social backgrounds, captured by Umbrella and used as guinea pigs for experiments – while the other will take on the role of Mastermind – a spooky figuro that observes the boys from the cameras hindering their way with traps.

After the official announcement, Capcom well thought to introduce us one by one the survivors through his social channels, starting with Samuel Jordan. It is a character with high health and extremely effective in close combat. It could not be otherwise, given that Sam is a former professional boxer: “It was a promise of boxing, but he was seriously injured during a meeting. He decided to take part in the experiment with the hope that modern medicine could get him back again in the ring, “according to the official description.

Unfortunately for him, things did not go as expected. At the bottom of the news, you will find artwork depicting the character in question and a screenshot showing a game action, in which the Mastermind also plays the role of the Tyrant Mr. X! Project Resistance is under development for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, but is still lacking a release date. Before the launch, in any case, a Project Resistance Beta will take place on PS4 and Xbox One.