Super Nintendo World: The First Park Opens in April, Here Are the Details

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It is not ready yet and at the launch, it will still be a bit poor, but the time is ripe for the first official theme park with a Nintendo theme. Tom Williams, CEO of Universal Parks & Resorts, spoke about it and will open the first Super Nintendo World in Japan this spring.

At the beginning only two attractions will be included: the one dedicated to Mario Kart and a sort of roller coaster called Yoshi’s Adventures, but in the future, the playground will be full of rides and all kinds of shops, such as Peach Castle, restaurants, merchandise shops and more.

Along with the ticket, a magnetic bracelet will also be included, which can interact with the Nintendo Switch of visitors, even if no further details have been released. Here are Williams’s statements:

“We will open next spring: there will be food, merchandise, although in the first phase we will have two attractions, Super Mario Kart Ride and Yoshi’s Adventure. The entire park will be interactive, and visitors will have a bracelet with the red Mario symbol printed on it. And by the way, the bracelet is super cool, it’s magnetic, you snap it on your wrist and it closes so you can’t take it off, and wearing it you can interact with the whole park, which runs on three levels: there will be Bowser, the Castle of Peach and all the key elements you know. And you can keep the score you make in the various games and the bracelet will interact with your console. “

So many news for a really fun experience, especially for those who are fans of Mario and partners for a long time. For the moment it is expected to open in Japan, but Williams has assured that a theme park will also be built in the United States, although he did not want to say too much about a date.

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