Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Is the Last Legacy of Satoru Iwata, Word of Sakurai

Super Smash Bros Ultimate

The success of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the latest incarnation of the famous Nintendo brawler appreciated by both audiences and critics, is also due to Satoru Iwata, the late former president of the Great N, as Masahiro Sakurai said in a touching speech.

In fact, during the Tokyo Game Show, the videogame received several prizes, and its author wanted to pay tribute to what was a very important figure not only for Nintendo but for the entire videogame industry. Here are his statements:

“I’m sorry to tell you this personal story at a time like this, but Smash Bros on Switch was the last mission that Satoru Iwata gave me. I put all my efforts into it, and I will continue to work hard with the next DLCs “.

Sakurai is one who has always worked tirelessly at his games, and if the task was assigned to him by Iwata, we are sure that he has given even more than the maximum to be up to it, and the results confirm it.

The author then talked about the additional characters of the game, revealing that not all the numerous requests that are expressed by the fans will then be answered. This is why we will not see Iron Man or Goku in the roster of characters, as someone hoped, but only content from the world of video games.