“Swatting” Case: A Player Risks Five Years in Prison


A Pennsylvania player, Nicholas Huffine, confessed to the court that he had SWAT intervene after an online discussion with a Florida player. For this reason, he risks five years in prison and a fine of 250,000 dollars.

The ” swatting ” is a practice now invalsa in the United States. Many streamers (like xQc) have been victims. In essence, for those who do not know it, the police are made to intervene with false alarms concerning hostages, terrorist threats or devices.

According to a Justice Department report, Huffine admitted calling the police in Florida, saying someone was armed and holding a family hostage at home. This caused the immediate intervention of the agents who broke into the home of the unsuspecting player.

There were no injuries, there was only significant damage to the property after the police had to break in the door.

Tyler Barriss, another prankster, was recently sentenced to 20 years in prison after causing the death, again through swatting, of a player he had discussed in Call of Duty.

Huffine, on the other hand, will have to go back to court on January 2020 for the sentence that will most likely be condemned.