The Elder Scrolls Online: First Details on the Dragonhold DLC and Update 24

The Elder Scrolls Online: Early Access to Elsweyr for PC Now Available

The culmination of the Dragon Season, the first year of The Elder Scrolls Online adventure, will be Dragonhold, due out this year. This DLC will introduce the South of Elsweyr, a new story zone with three unique biomes, new Delve missions, epic bosses, quests, Dragon Hunt events and much more.

Dragonhold brings the Dragon Season – which lasted a year – to its epic conclusion. In the main DLC questline, the players will work with the beloved Sai Sahan to put together a ramshackle group of pirates and adventurers and restore the ancient order known as the Dragon Guard (precursor of Blades).

Players will explore the South of Elsweyr and Pellitine , the ancient and once-great kingdom of Khajiit. To see what awaits you in Dragonhold, tune in at 10 pm for the Twitch preview. Zone Lead Jason Barnes and Lead Writer Bill Slavicsek will show some of the new features coming. For a hands-on before the release of Dragonhold, watch the Public Test Server on Monday, September 16th.