The Horror Conarium Is Free on the Epic Store: The New Game Will Be Dedicated to Batman

The Horror Conarium

At the end of the offer that allowed PC users to download the ABZU underwater epic and the adventure in pixel art The End is Nigh at no cost, the editors of the Epic Games Store give Conarium and launch important clues on the title will be offered free of charge during the next week.

In fact, according to the artwork that stands out on the main Epic Store page together with the banner that reminds us to freely download the Conarium horror from now until September 19 , the next title that will be part of the promotion for PC users of the new digital store of Epic Games will be dedicated to Batman .

Through the analysis of the artwork portrayed in the composite image starring the Dark Knight, we note the presence of promotional material regarding the Batman Arkham series and the LEGO-themed epic action platformer. Among the shots, you can also catch a glimpse of the Gotham City skyline and the livery of a flaming Batmobile. We do not know, therefore, if starting from Thursday 19 September we will be able to download only one Batman video game or if, as the mysterious observable image on EGS suggests, we will have the opportunity to replenish our toy library on PC with different titles focused on the Batman .

Before the sparkling light of the bat signal shows us the right way and reveal what and how many games from the Batman series we will be able to download for free during the next week, we advise you to redeem the free copy of Conarium on PC before the promotion finishes the next 19 September.