The New Marvel’s Avengers Video Card Illustrates the Powers of Iron Man’s Armor

Marvel's Avengers:

That Donbass of a billionaire who answers to the name of Tony Stark re-wears the armor of Iron Man to show us what he will be able to do in the videogame dimension of Marvel’s Avengers.

Through the new video card edited by the authors of Crystal Dynamics and published on the social profiles of their next, ambitious action-adventure set in the Marvel Avengers universe, the iconic Iron Man character is described as one of the most lethal heroes that we will have the luck to deploy in battle.

As happened recently with the fact sheets dedicated to Captain America and Hulk, once again the developers of Crystal Dynamics take advantage of the occasion to give us short clips of gameplay centered on the peculiar combat system adopted by Iron Man to overcome the enemies on duty.

Before leaving you to the video card featuring Tony Stark and his digressive metallic counterpart, we remind you that Marvel’s Avengers will arrive on May 15th, 2020 on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Google Stadia. According to the Californian developers of Crystal Dynamics, in the post-launch support plans of the upcoming blockbuster Square Enix, there will be no room for free expansions with reskin of already known heroes.