The Sojourn: The New Gameplay Video Sets the Release Date for the Puzzle Adventure

The Sojourn

The British authors of Shifting Tides and Iceberg Interactive open a window on the enigmatic universe of The Sojourn with a video that sets the launch date on PC, PS4 and Xbox One and helps us to become familiar with the dynamics of gameplay that we will experience in this ambitious subjective puzzle adventure.

The Sojourn project draws inspiration from science fiction literature from the early 1900s, from Myst’s dreamlike settings and from the playful approach of The Witness and The Talos Principle to project ourselves into a dimension on the verge of collapse that will represent a metaphor of the troubled life experience of our character.

The digital odyssey that awaits us in this colorful microcosm will leverage on the survival instinct of our alter-ego and on the innate curiosity of human beings: in terms of petty gameplay, the title will see us face dozens of unique environmental puzzles that, according to the English developers, they will test our perception of reality.

Before leaving you to the gameplay video that stands out at the beginning of the article, we inform all fans of subjective adventures steeped in puzzles, meditative scenes and psychological references “to The Witness ” that The Sojourn will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and in exclusive Epic Store on PC starting Friday, September 20th.