The SoloMid Team is building an export structure for over 13 million Dollars

The SoloMid Team

The SoloMid Team, a well-known and active export organization on multiple titles, has unveiled the first images relating to the new, gigantic plant under construction in Los Angeles. TSM CEO Andy ” Reginald ” Dinh revealed that the NBA was a major source of inspiration.

“… I did a tour of the Lakers and Warriors facilities while we were designing our facility, ” Reginald told the Los Angeles Times. ” What they built was fantastic for basketball players and we wanted to make a similar structure suitable for export players. We want to give the best training environment for our players. We want to make sure our players and staff have everything they need to succeed. In the next 10-20 years, we want to maintain our position as an export leader “.

The new structure will include a streaming room, a fitness room, a wellness center, training rooms and sessions with coaches, a full-time sports psychologist (so guys who have studied this beautiful discipline, come forward) and much other.

” Having all the players in one place and keeping track of their performance, that’s where we can have the biggest areas of growth, ” said Reginald.

According to the TSM, this will be the largest export hub in all of North America and will be the first to have both a wellness center and a gym.

Construction should begin in September and the facility is scheduled to open on February 2020. This facility will ” host the entire TSM organization “. This means that all players and coaches of all their teams will train there and all employees will work within the facility.

In addition to LoL, the SoloMid Team has also expanded into Fortnite (their flagship champion is Myth), Apex Legends, Rocket League, PUBG, Smash Bros, Hearthstone and Magic: the Gathering. The TSM also had a Danish CS: GO team in 2015 that they acquired from Dignitas.

The core of that roster, then, would have continued with the Astralis, that is one of the best CS: GO teams of all time and now even more legendary, given that it is the only team to have won four Major in the history of the FPS Valve.