The Surge 2’s Story Trailer Describes the Dystopian World of deck13’s Soulslike Sci-Fi

The Surge 2

With the Story Trailer of The Surge 2, the authors of Deck13 describe the livid and oppressive atmospheres of the post-apocalyptic world in which we will find ourselves dancing between life and death together with the protagonist of this ambitious soulslike.

Accompanied by the promise to offer us a true “hardcore action RPG”, the new video of The Surge 2 packaged by German developers shows us the devastating effects caused to the entire world population by the bombing of Nanovirus deFrag caused by the launch of the Utopia rocket.

The sci-fi odyssey that awaits us in the alleys of Jericho City will have as its protagonist a lone warrior who, unable to remember his past, will have to call on all his courage to reconstruct the puzzle of events that happened to him and understand, in this way, which forces plot to destroy the human race through the pandemic triggered by the Nanovirus.

The secondary characters who gravitate around the story will accompany us on the path we will take to evolve the most advanced skills and acquire the cybernetic equipment needed to face the strongest enemies and bosses, hence the choice made by Deck 13 to review the combat system with dismemberments and the significant improvement in the aspects linked to the progression of the challenges.

All this, and hopefully much more awaits us for September 24th with the official launch of The Surge 2 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and, strictly without the Denuvo DRM despite its use in alpha and beta testing, on PC.