With the Entry into EA Access, Can Anthem Really Get Back on Its Feet?

Anthem Is Updated to Version 1.2.0: Here Is the Latest Update

Anthem was one of the most anticipated video games before the launch, but unfortunately, its release was full of problems, both with regards to the bugs that have plagued the game practically from day one and because of a not always effective communication by the developers.

The community in fact often proved to be annoyed by the absence of updates and by the silence behind which the development study was entrenched after the launch, in an attempt to solve the numerous problems, and after a broken start but not completely bankrupt, despite all, many people left the game soon after, despite the arrival of the Cataclysm event (which was also postponed several times).

However, entry into the EA Access catalog could represent a new beginning for the BioWare title : many new players could, in fact, be intrigued and tempted to try the game, and at the same time it cannot be ruled out that those who had abandoned it will decide to resume it just because of a fleshed-out community.

In short, the move by Electronic Arts, although it may actually be considered a little late, given that the game has been in rather unfavorable conditions for quite some time now, it could really be the right occasion for a relaunch. What do you think?