Control: Did the September Patch Improve Performance on PS4 and PS4 Pro?

Control Developers See A Bright Future For Single Player Games

The title, as evidenced in the Digital Foundry analysis, has nevertheless arrived on the market with serious performance problems, especially on the two “basic” consoles, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Remedy, fortunately, has quickly rolled up its sleeves and set to work on a corrective patch, published a few days ago. Has the update succeeded? Yes and no.

For Control, a 30fps stable framerate continues to be a mirage, especially on PlayStation 4, which turns out to be the most ailing console on the lot. In any case, the level of performance has certainly improved, and the experience is less shaky. Digital Foundry has noticed that the framerate manages to go up faster after the most sudden collapses. In essence, the dips are now less annoying and above all shorter. We are still far from perfect, but it is definitely a step forward. The English editors then noticed that the stuttering problems that occurred when extensive use was made of physics were resolved on the PlayStation 4 Pro.

These improvements also seem to bode well for the Xbox One and Xbox One X versions, which have not yet been tested.