Borderlands 3: Where to Find the Legendary Rifle of Rick & Morty and One Punch Man


Borderlands 3 is full of surprises and tributes, like the Lord of the Rings easter egg. Also, inside the game, you can also get legendary Rick & Morty and One Punch Man shotguns. In this mini-guide, we show you where to find them and how to add them to your collection.

Both rifles are located in the city of Lectra. Once in place, you’ll be able to get the two legendary weapons dedicated to Rick & Morty and One Punch Man. Let’s see how.

Where to find Rick & Morty’s shotgun

north-east of Lectra City are around two enemies from the very familiar name: Wick and Warty. As it’s easy to guess from their features, these adversaries are inspired by Rick & Morty, and by taking them out you can drop the legendary shotgun dedicated to them.

In the opening movie, you can see the exact position in which to find Wick and Warty, so as to eliminate them to get the rifle. We point out that the two enemies will not always be present in the area. If you don’t find them, you just need to leave the area and return, repeating the operation until they pop up on the map.

Where to find the One Punch Man shotgun

As you can see in the video below, at Lectra City you will find a mission called “Wife-proof”. The quest is set in the same spot as One Punch Man’s egg star. Go down the stairs and follow the left wall until you come across an open fence. Inside you will find a group of switches, levers, and wheels. These will open the door on the other side of the corridor from where One Punch will come out.

To open the door you will have to interact with these objects in the following order:

  • Left button
  • Right wheel
  • Right lever
  • Left lever

Once you defeat the enemy inspired by One Punch Man (beware, he can only kill you!), you will have the opportunity to drop the shotgun dedicated to him. The drop is not 100% guaranteed, but in case of the failure, you can always try to get it again by leaving the area, returning and repeating the operation described above.

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