COD: Modern Warfare The Beta of the Game Welcomes the Mini-Map Today


The new iteration of the Infinity Ward home saga was recently presented to gamers thanks to the launch of the COD Modern Warfare Beta on PS4.

The development team is constantly monitoring the feedback relating to the game experience provided by the participants in the event, among which the theme of the absence of a mini-map within the title was particularly present. The function, in fact, is not available for the players in an automatic and stable way, a choice that has dissatisfied part of the Call of Duty community.

Infinity Ward took note of the public’s views and therefore provided updates on the issue. Referring to the presence/absence of the mini-map, the team had declared that they were still ” experimenting internally with some different options “, suggesting that changes could occur during the Beta. These words were followed by the announcement of the decision to actually make a mini-map available to the players. This will make its debut in the Call of Duty Modern Warfare Beta today, Saturday 14 September. Inside, however, the enemy fire will not be indicated.

To the players who are dedicating themselves to this test session of the new Call of Duty, we remember that on the pages of Playcrazygame there is a useful guide to the Beta of COD Modern Warfare.