Daemon X Machina in Japan: Copies Almost Sold out at Major Distributors!

Daemon X Machina

Daemon X Machina has finally made its debut on the international videogame market, gaining, apparently, the sympathies of the Japanese resident audience!

According to the NintendoSoup portal, in fact, the game would have been substantially sold out at the main distribution chains in the country. The results achieved by the game on the occasion of the debut day are in fact quite interesting. Yodobashi Camera and Bic Camera, among the major points of reference in Japan as regards the electronics sector, seem to have seen their own inventory of copies of Daemon X Machina going off the rails. In particular, at the first chain, the Nintendo game is sold out in all the stores. The same situation involves 80% of the Bic Camera points of sale in Japan, with an additional 10% of stores reporting stocks nearing exhaustion. Japanese buyers looking for a copy of the game seem to be able to rely on Amazon Japan and other e-commerce portals for now.

The Nintendo title sees the player take on the role of a Reclaimer recruit, an organization that tries to cope with the dramatic war between Immortal and mankind.