Days Gone: The New Game + Arrives Along with Many Other New Features


As promised, Sony Interactive Entertainment and Bend Studio have released the long-awaited update of Days Gone which introduces New Game Mode +.

Thanks to it, you can relive from the beginning the adventure of Deacon St. John using all the resources unlocked during the first game, such as weapons, skills, projects, collectibles, upgrades for the bike, trust, and credits of the camps and trophies. The New Game can be started from the main menu after the campaign has been completed and can be tackled on any difficulty, including the two new levels introduced for the occasion, namely Difficult II and Survival II. Both are also available for the normal game.

The advantages associated with the patches won in the challenges, already active in the main game, will also be available in the New Game + and at all difficulty levels. The debut of these innovations is also accompanied by the addition of new trophies , one of which is linked to the new BND 150 Precision Rifle, of explosive darts (causing damage to the area), of the X34 darts (they create a cloud of poisonous gas for the Freaker ) and four new motorcycle decals inspired by Horizon Zero Dawn, Concrete Genie, God of War and Siphon Filter. Before leaving you with the summary trailer at the bottom of this news, let’s remember that Days Gone is available exclusively on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro.