Death Stranding: In the Game World We Will Find Really Existing Products!

Death Stranding in the Japanese Trailer, with a New Sequence and a Different Soundtrack

During the morning of today, Saturday 14 September, the Tokyo Game Show hosted the presentation of the second gameplay of Death Stranding, which introduced a particular area of ​​play.

These are the Safe Houses, specific locations where Sam Porter Bridges will be able to enjoy some well-earned rest between one mission and another. Within the latter, there is a further area, called the Private Room and within which the players can dedicate themselves, among other things, to activities for personalizing the environment. It will also be possible to change the appearance of our videogame alter-ego, changing clothing or part of the equipment.

At the end of the presentation, the Kojima Productions team highlighted some details of the gameplay, revealing the presence in the game world of really existing objects and brands! From the pages of the official Twitter account of the software house we, therefore, learn the presence of different products within Death Stranding:

  • All the glasses Sam wears boast a design made by the French company JFRey ;
  • The T-Shirt worn by Sam inside the Private Room boasts a design by the German Acronym ;
  • Inside the Private Room, Sam will be able to drink Monster Energy, increasing his strength;

Did you spot these peculiar details while watching the new gameplay?