Death Stranding: Second Gameplay Video Commented by Kojima from the Tgs 2019

Death Stranding

Live from the PlayStation stands at the Tokyo Game Show 2019, as promised, the good Hideo Kojima is broadcasting a new gameplay session of the highly anticipated Death Stranding.

The material shown is none other than the continuation of the Death Stranding demo already presented in recent days, and is obviously still centered on the protagonist of the adventure, Sam Bridges, who at the beginning of the video is shown waking up in the Safe House , still face dirty after his pilgrimages through the United Cities of America, where he can spend time between missions. In this place, in reality, the players will not command Sam, but the one that Kojima has called ” a soul , which in turn will control the actions of the protagonist, for example by inducing him to take a shower. These moments will have gameplay implications: the biological fluid obtained during the shower can be collected and converted into crystals, which in turn can be used to enhance weapons. This process can also be carried out in other places: in the world of Death Stranding, biological fluids will be very important for survival. Find the long movie opening news, enjoy it!

Death Stranding, we remember, is expected exclusively on PlayStation 4 for November 8th. The gaming-related initiatives do not stop at gameplay sessions alone since Kojima Productions has also set up a stand where the statues of Cliff and Ludens stand out.