Fortnite: In China, the Storm Works Differently Than the Rest of the World


Users of the Reddit community that follow the evolution of Fortnite have discovered a small detail concerning the Chinese version of Epic’s battle royale: in the Land of the Dragon, there is an important element that works completely differently than the rest of the world.

The in-game component affected by these unusual modifications is the Tempesta, the phenomenon that gradually drains the shields and energy of users passing through its area of ​​interest. Unlike what happens in the rest of the world, in the Chinese version of Fortnite, the Tempest instead causes the slow decrease in the Health level represented by a third energy bar which, as such, appears to be completely separate from the others. To be affected by this change is also the Inversion Tempesta, the bottle introduced in June during Fortnite Season 9.

The example movie made by a Redditor shows the functioning of the Chinese Storms and the effects caused on the third health bar of the explorers of Fortnite Island Royal Battle. Although the reasons for this bizarre change in gameplay are not yet known , the most widespread opinion among community members of the popular video game forum brings up the stringent Chinese regulation in the representation of violence in video games, a factor that led the authorities of the China to drop the ax of censorship on titles like PUBG , League of Legends, CS: GO and, indeed, Fortnite.

In Fortnite China you dont get Storm Damage from FortNiteBR