Fortnite: The 10.31 Update Will Exclude the Slit Zones from the Final Stages of the Games


With the Fortnite Season X, which serves as a celebration of the first two years of the game, studded with successes, Epic Games has also introduced Slit Zones, areas that add a lot of spice to the games by putting players in front of real situations unlikely.

Just think of the last two arrivals with the recent 10.30 update, namely Water Palms, where the squatting players turn into a random object, and Boschetto Bisunto, where Taco rains from the sky. In any case, players do not like to face the final stages of the games – the tensest and lively – in areas like these, since they do nothing but add chaos and unpredictability.

Epic Games has taken community feedback to heart and announced that with update 10.31 coming next week it will exclude Slit Zones from the final circles of the storm. The publication of the update in question is scheduled, as usual, between Tuesday and Thursday. The exact date, as usual, will be revealed close to the launch. What do you think of this change? About the Storm, do you know that in China it works completely differently?