Nioh 2 at the Tokyo Game Show: The Protagonist Will Be Able to Learn Special Moves from the Yokai

Nioh 2 at the Tokyo Game Show

During the 2019 edition of the Tokyo Game Show, currently underway, many extremely interesting information on Nioh 2 was shared.

First of all, the publication period of the title developed by Team Ninja was confirmed at the Japanese fair: an engaging Nioh 2 trailer, in fact, placed the latter in the first few months of 2020. Numerous details were also shared about those which will be the characteristics of the production.

In particular, the producer and director Fumihiko Yasuda offered several interesting information. The dark fantasy will see us as a new protagonist, partly human and partly Yokai. The particular nature of our videogame alter-ego will allow us to face different challenges: on our site, we will have both the dexterity of a real samurai and the power of creatures. Very interesting element shared by Yasuda is the ability for the player to learn the special moves directly from the Yokai. The latter, once defeated, will be able to leave a Soul Core as a drop to the player”: this will allow you to use the moves. Our dual nature will also allow us to cope with the Dark World, the Yokai kingdom. Turning into us in Yokai will allow us to reduce our disadvantage by being in this particular area.