Nioh 2 Is a Prequel to the Series, the Game Will Take Us to the Kingdom of the Yokai


Nioh 2 is back to show itself during the Tokyo Game Show 2019, and just taking advantage of the occasion offered by the Japanese fair, the developers of Team Ninja have shared some more details about its new souls-like for PlayStation 4.

First, speaking to Game, Team Ninja confirmed that the game will be in effect a prequel to the first chapter where we played William Adams. Set in the second half of the 1500s, the events of Nioh 2 will take place “slightly earlier” than those of the first chapter, and we will be able to experience them under the eyes of a completely customizable character who can exploit the power of the Yokai.

About the demons that we have learned to deal with already in the original chapter of the series, in Nioh 2 we will have the opportunity to physically visit the world of the Yokai, known as the Dark Kingdom. Here the enemies will be particularly dangerous, but the rewards we get will prove to be extremely valuable. Although no “easy mode” is foreseen, Team Ninja has agreed to implement co-op multiplayer up to 3 players to make life easier for players who will have the audacity to immerse themselves in the Yokai Kingdom.

Nioh 2 will be published exclusively on PS4 in the early months of 2020. Team Ninja has confirmed that the rescues of the first chapter can be imported and that William will also be in the game.