Pokémon Go: Statistics and Moves of All Fifth-Generation Pokémon!

Announced a Collaboration Between Pokemon Go and One Piece!

That the Fifth Generation Pokémon from the Unova region is coming to Pokémon GO is no secret at all. Niantic has been teasing the curiosity of trainers for days with teaser images that hide the silhouettes of the three starter monsters, namely Snivy (Erba), Oshawott (Acqua) and Tepig (Fuoco).

The official announcement with lots of release date has not yet been announced, but it is now a secret of Pulcinella. Suffice it to say that the ever-active data miners have found the names, statistics, and moves of all fifth-generation Pokémon in the game’s configuration files. We then find out that Snivy has 849 Fight Points and has the quick Action and Whip moves, while Tepig has 1083 PL and moves Action and Brazier. Oshawott owns 1046 PL and, in addition to the omnipresent Action, he also knows the move Pistolacqua. These, of course, are just examples. For all the details we advise you to consult the table prepared by the colleagues of Pokémon GO Hub.

Keep in mind, however, that these values ​​could be provisional. It is not excluded that Niantic may decide to modify them for the sake of balancing. We take the opportunity to remind you that Turtwig’s Community Day will take place tomorrow, September 15th, during which it will be possible to teach the exclusive move Radicalbero in Torterra, its final evolution.