Pokémon Sword and Shield: What If the Glitch Conceals Farfetch’d’s Evolution?


As we have promptly pointed out, this morning the official site of Pokémon Sword and Shield has an unusual glitch or a pixelated image that seems to conceal one of the effects of one of the new Pokémon that coaches will be able to meet in the Galar region.

The image tends to “escape” from the mouse arrow, trying not to be clicked by the most curious players. Being able to catch it, in any case, is not an impossible task at all: the click reveals an incomplete description, which speaks of a Fighting-type Pokémon in possession of the Deaf Skill.

A decidedly intriguing teaser, which has obviously generated the most diverse theories in the large community of Pokémon coaches. Whose is it? At the moment, it is a common opinion that it may be the long-awaited regional evolution of Farfetch’d, a duck-like monster holding a leek stalk as if it were a sword. Although he has been around since the first generation, he has never received an evolution, and many believe that his time has finally come. Several players have used his glitch at the image to create a credible drawing of the Pokémon in question and, as you can see for yourself, it really looks like Farfetch’d! In this version, in addition to the leek stem by the sword, it would also hold a shield.

It is not the first time that talks about this possibility: a leaker, when last May unveiled the Dynamax and Gigamax features even before they were announced, also predicted the evolution of Farfetch’d, whose name would be Sirfetch d. Will it really be like this? We look forward to hearing more!