Project Sakura Wars: Sega Presents a Rich Video Gameplay at the Tokyo Game Show

Project Sakura Wars

Definitely a surprise, in March 2019 SEGA announced the return of the Sakura Wars videogame series, which is preparing to welcome a new chapter in its ranks.

On the occasion of the SEGA Fes 2019, the title was presented to the public through the transmission of the announcement trailer for Project Sakura Wars, which provided the first clues on the characteristics of the production. Among the latter, the involvement of the famous mangaka Tite Kubo is particularly interesting. The author of Bleach has in fact accepted to deal with the character design of the game, which, still without a definitive title, is currently advertised by SEGA as ” Project Sakura Wars “.

On the occasion of the 2019 edition of the Tokyo Game Show, the development team offered the public a first look at the gameplay of the new chapter of the Sakura Wars series. During the Japanese fair, a game session of over twenty minutes was broadcast, which you can view in the video you find available at the beginning of this news. Unfortunately, the commentary to the gameplay is available exclusively in Japanese, but the video is still extremely interesting, as it allows us to get an initial idea of ​​the atmospheres and mechanics that will characterize Project Sakura Wars.

The game will debut in Japan next December, exclusively on PlayStation 4. Project Sakura Wars is also expected in Europe, with an exit window currently coinciding with spring 2020.