Quantic Dream Evaluates the Possibility of Achieving Shorter Experiences in the Future


Free from the contract that tied them exclusively to Sony and now completely devoted to multi-platform development, the boys of Quantic Dream now seem seriously intent on exploring new horizons.

Founder David Cage has expressed these intentions several times in the past, claiming to be interested in exploring other types of games. His ambitions, however, do not seem to be exhausted here. In a recent interview with OnlySP, Cage stated that he would like to try to develop shorter and more contained experiences, with which to put into practice different types of storytelling, even if it seems to be a rather insidious ground:“We would like to consider any type of format in the future, as long as it makes sense for our players and from a creative point of view. I would like to work on shorter experiences and experiment with new ideas, but in reality, we need to understand if there is a market for these things. Many franchises did not go well experimenting with shorter formats, so what I mean is that we will continue to evaluate the possibility, but at the same time trying to find a perfect experience before experimenting “.

There is nothing established, therefore, but it will be really interesting to find out which route the French company intends to take in the future. We take the opportunity to remind you that Detroit Become Human will arrive on PC via Epic Games Store in the fall, putting an end to the period of exclusivity for PlayStation 4.