Resident Evil 2 Dismissed Remake: A Mod Dramatically Improves the Original


Do you remember Seamless HD Project, the Resident Evil 3 mod that made us dream of a remake of Jill Valentine’s adventures in that of Raccoon City? Well, the same team led by Mathieu Philippe returned to the office reserving the same treatment for Resident Evil 2!

This time it is not necessary to dream, since we have already received and played the remake of Resident Evil 2 (if you have not yet done so, run to make up for it by taking advantage of the A Store Japan sales of the PS Store ), but the gamer nostalgic that is in us can only rejoice by admiring the finishing work carried out by the modders, who have improved the movies in Full Motion Video, increased the resolution of the textures with a method based on AI, enhanced most of the visual effects and adapted the game interface. See for yourself in the attached video at the top of this news, which was specially packaged by the modder team.

We must specify, in any case, that this extraordinary modernization work was carried out on the GameCube version of the game, usable on PC only through the well-known Dolphin emulator. Speaking of Resident Evil, do you know that the series is coming back with a spin-off entitled Project Resistance and focused on 4-on-1 multiplayer battles?