Resident Evil Project Resistance Protagonist on the Sony Stage at TGS: New Live Gameplay


The Tokyo Game Show hosted the official reveal of the new project linked to Resident Evil, with the transmission of a new trailer for Project Resistance.

The latter offered a more defined context than seen in the first teaser trailer of the game, shared by Capcom a few days before the opening of the gates of the Japanese fair. Called an asymmetric team survival horror, Project Resistance will see four players, referred to as ” survivors “, try to work together to deal with a threatening Mastermind. A comparison of type 4 against 1, therefore, which however will not be the only game mode offered by production. During the TGS, in fact, it was confirmed that Project Resistance will have a single-player component, playable offline.

On the latter, Capcom has not yet provided further details, merely announcing its presence in the title. Instead, the software house offered a new opportunity to take a look at the gameplay mechanics that will see the surviving players contrast with the Mastermind. A new presentation of Project Resistance took place at the Sony location. The latter is available in full version directly at the opening of this news: the live gameplay session dedicated to the 4-on-1 multiplayer mode starts around the fifteenth minute.