Resident Evil Project Resistance Will Also Have the Single Player, It’s Official


Apparently, there is still a lot to discover about Project Resistance, a spin-off of the Resident Evil series presented at the Tokyo Game Show 2019. Apparently, the multiplayer will only be one of the components that will be offered in the final product.

It was revealed by Masachika Kawata during a presentation at the Japanese fair. The historic producer of the series has confirmed that the guys at NeoBards Entertainment, an external development team that has been entrusted with the project, are also working on a single-player campaign that can be played offline. Capcom, in any case, at this stage decided to show only the multiplayer-focused on 4-on-1 asymmetric clashes. We don’t know how the offline component will be structured since the topic has not been studied in-depth, but at least we now know that ‘is much more below the surface. The users who have turned up their noses after the presentation and have decided to express all their dissent will be happy storming on “I don’t like” the Project Resistance trailer.

Will the campaign follow the multiplayer structure? Will it have a story? To find out, we will necessarily have to wait. During the same intervention, Kawata also reported that Project Resistance is a working title, therefore not definitive and that the events are set during the Raccoon City disaster.