The Japanese Zelda Link’s Awakening Artbook Shows Some Beautiful Preparatory Sketches

The Japanese Zelda Link's Awakening

A few days after the launch of Zelda Link’s Awakening, the official website of Nintendo of Japan takes advantage of the TGS 2019 to showcase some of the exquisite preparatory sketches that will embellish the official artbook of the collector’s edition for sale in Asia and North America.

The artbook in question, included in the US Dreamer Edition or sold separately in Japan, allows us to retrace the main stages of the arduous journey undertaken by the artists following Eiji Aonuma to resume and actualize the settings, the characters, the objects and the creatures of the 1993 Link’s Awakening.

The sketches shown by the Great N portray the polygonal model of the “new” Link, the detail of the dungeons and the different style adopted to reformulate the scenarios on the island of Koholint, with a focus on the hero’s equipment (with the inevitable binomial represented from the sword and shield Hylia) and on “furnishing complements” such as the treasures and statues guarding the dungeons.

What do you think of these sketches? But above all: how many rupees and bottled fairies would you be willing to invest in the western transposition of the Link’s Awakening Japanese artbook? Waiting to know your response, we remind you that the remake of the great Game Boy classic of The Legend of Zelda will arrive on Nintendo Switch on September 20th, just in time for the launch of Nintendo Switch Lite, planned here by us for the 21 September.